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thank you, thank you, thank you July 2, 2009

Posted by scraplovers in Scrap Lovers at A Work of Heart.

The last couple of days have been overflowing with kindness…we had no idea what would happen we shared the news about Molly and asked for your help – well what happened is that we have been overwhelmed with love and support!

Everyone has been so generous it is truly amazing….saying thank you doesn’t even seem to be enough – we have received envelopes in our mail slot, checks in the mail and quarters at the register. Not to mention all of the emails just wishing Molly well – you can’t believe how much this support means to us!! The kindness in our community is beyond imagine. It truly means the world to us!! So Thank you once again.

Several of you have brought in carriers – Thank you – we have what we think will be a pretty good home for her. A better home might be one of the wire cages so she has more of a view…but we can’t have one that is too big (since it has to fit in the studio somewhere) so if you happen to have one of those let us know. The ideal size would be 2 x 3 feet or so.

Molly remains in the pet hospital for another day or so….they are trying to get her to keep some food in her tummy…until that happens we can’t bring her home. She is being well taken care of and actually is seeming a bit annoyed about having to be there which is a good sign…it means she is getting some energy back.

We will post here and in the newsletter more news as we get it.

Your support is a real gift and we treasure it with all of our hearts…

Andrea, Christina and Molly!

p.s. if you put a envelope in the mail slot without your name we would really love to know who you are:)



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