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Tonight’s Canvas Grid Class, rambling thoughts with a give away drawing from your comment November 7, 2008

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Tonight Jamie & Amy used Claudine Hellmuth’s new studio line of paints and multi medium as they pulled together this fun canvas grid project.


We covered each of the 9 mini canvases with different techniques and materials all using the miraculous Multi-Medium (which we have one last bottle of on the Scrap Lovers shelf) Claudine has developed. It glues everything from buttons and fabric to paper and tissue. It can be used as a glazing medium, adhesive, transfer medium and oh so much more. Can I just say that this medium is the bomb?

Chris and I were fortunate enough to take this workshop directly from Claudine in Chicago this July. I loved the project then…I fell in love with it all over again tonight. You can see the samples we made in the foreground of this photo.


I can’t wait to take my 9×9 mirror and alter the canvases to go around the outside as a frame….pictures will be coming soon. It is an upcoming kit for the MAKE! Marathon at the end of the month.

(warning…this is where the rambling starts)

Are you tempted yet to come in and MAKE! something? Have you seen it on the calendar and wondered what it really IS? What is your excuse for not coming? (reply with your excuse below and you may win a kit for one of our MAKE! projects!) Do you feel the impending nature of this gift giving season? I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to check loved ones off your gift list. I’m pulling one of these canvas grid kits together for Amy so she can MAKE! her mom a strawberry themed piece.

Don’t you love a project that can be customized so the recipient feels like you designed some art just for them! Nothing like the personal touch.

Chris and I selected our favorite projects from 2008 and have turned our Monday nights into MAKE! studio nights. Each week we’re rolling out 5 new kits that re-visit 5 of our favorite projects from the previous 12 months. Each kit is complete with an instruction booklet (pictures and notes!) The kits are available ANY TIME after they have been rolled out…We currently have the Memory Glass Slides, Tea Light Holder, Altered Mirror and Altered Letter kits available. This coming week we will have the perpetual calendar I’ve been giving peeks of over on my personal blog.

I hear so many people lamenting the fact that they don’t get time to be creative like they want to. I am here today to encourage you to actual MAKE! time. We all have the same number of hours in the day and as our schedules are filled to the breaking point with appointments, driving, jobs, errands…It is really easy to put off taking care of that part of us that craves the creative process. (follow my personal soapbox post about this on my blog if you want to know how I REALLY feel about this) Bottom line is that it is sad to me when I see the longing in your eyes as you say you wish you had time to be creative. I wish you would come in and sit down and MAKE! the time. It is such a joy to my heart to be around when you re-discover your love of the process.

(ok, off my soap box now…I could ramble on and on about this)

In closing…It was a true joy to have Amy and Jamie here tonight. Amy is our friend who has the DARLING 15 month old Miles (who recently met Molly) Jamie is Amy’s friend who had seen A Work of Heart Studio BC (before christina) on Willow Street. It is quite different now! I think I can speak for both of them when I say, we had a great time tonight. I hope to see YOU here soon!

Please come in and visit ! I want to show you all the cool MAKE! Projects coming up…

Time for me to head home and get some sleep!



1. claudine hellmuth - November 7, 2008

so glad you guys had fun nd liked the Multi-Medium and paints! yay!

2. Jamie - November 7, 2008

I had a great time! I will definitely be back for more. Thanks for all your help.

3. Amy - November 7, 2008

O this class was so much fun !!! I just loved it and cant wait for my next creative outlet night ! SO FUN !

4. Leila Manning - November 8, 2008

My excuse? Report cards and parent conferences! Parents should expect their kiddies’ teachers to be reflective and thorough when filling out the report cards and prepping for the meetings, and want us to be available to meet their busy schedules. Plus, we are still teaching our hearts out each day… This is an intense and exhausting time for teachers. I’m gonna spend today in my p.j.s recovering my voice and my energy and I’ll be ready to come play tomorrow! P.S. can’t wait to get my hands on the kits for the Mondays I missed!

5. aworkofheart - November 9, 2008

Leila, my heart goes out to you! I KNOW you are so “in the thick of it” right now…I’m so happy you are taking some time to refresh your soul tomorrow…It will be a joy to have you here. Can’t wait to show you what has been done so far for the MAKE! month.
Amy & Jamie it was much fun and you guys left me so anxious for more people to attend..
Claudine, thanks for such a great product!

6. Leila Manning - November 10, 2008

Don’t let me off the hook so easily for ranting like I did! I have added “do not post when you’re in a pissy mood” to the “do not hit send when you’ve been drinking” list! I had the best time yesterday and can’t wait to put in some Studio Time on Tuesday! Thanks for being so gracious and understanding!

7. aworkofheart - November 13, 2008

I do so ramble on sometimes and I appreciate everyone’s graciousness and understanding when I don’t take the time to edit before hitting the publish button…

What I wanted to get across in this post was pointing out what a beautiful thing it was to have people here creating stuff that they loved. Every time this happens I remember once again why we’re here Every time an old friend walks through the door and we can call them by name my heart lifts a little. I look forward to the times when you are all here sharing in this love of the craft with me.

Thank you everyone for being part of our community and lifting our hearts with your enthusiasm and creative spirit!

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