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Who do you follow? (by Andrea) November 2, 2008

Posted by Andrea in A Work Of Heart News.

A relatively recent phenomenon in my life has been following bloggers. I am voyeuristic by nature and when someone puts a piece of themselves out there on display I am prone to check it out. Hopefully that doesn’t sound weird, but it is true and these are the blogs I currently watch.

This is my list as of Sunday morning, November 2. Would you share your list with me? I’m on bloglines (a must have slice of organizing heaven Chris turned me on to) and it was easy to just clip and paste into this post…I challenge you to post your list in the reply…I want to see who YOU are following….I hope my list will expand as I visit the blogs YOU are following.

This is an amazing age of technology where we are able to pick and choose who we are influenced by in subscribing to their individual blogs.

I actively pursue a life filled with richness and depth through the diversity of creative stuff I follow. I am forming who I am as an artist by standing back, looking, reading, examining and best of all TRYING…

There are examples I see when I find myself instantly dropping everything to run over and try. Art that inspires instant action is the most delicious and satisfying. (I believe)

These are just some of the things I find delightful in the blogs I follow:

  • Photography that inspires me with the “real life” quality it can capture…
  • Scrapbook pages filled with beautiful imagery that tell a story…
  • Altered & handcrafted Art journal pages with such expression…
  • ATCs and ACEOs…mini works of art… focused on thoughts or feelings..collected together…
  • Paintings and Collage layered rich with texture and color…
  • jewelry and beading to drool over…
  • And mixed-media assemblage that simply boggles the mind with possibilities.

I LOVE all of it! It is fodder for my creative soul! I challenge you to enjoy the delicious journey…0 calories…100 % sensory satisfaction and best of all FREE!

I’m nearly ready to make the same commitment to creating and maintaining a personal blog.  Follow its beginning formation at aworkofeart.wordrpess.com if you choose…it is very raw at this point but I plan to make it a better, more expressive place in the near future.  The more encouragement I get from you, the better it will become.

…This has been my (andrea’s) Sunday morning brain dump…Now I’m blessed to be back to “work” making Caroline’s Scrapbook. I’m thankful for the extra hour today!



1. Lori Gentile - November 2, 2008

What? You’re not reading mine? Ha! Ha! In all seriousness, I love the blogs you listed (although your links aren’t working, as they are to your bloglines account). To add to your list, I would recommend these:

The Pioneer Woman – http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/
Scrap Scene – http://www.scrapscene.com/
Anna Maria Horner – http://annamariahorner.blogspot.com/
Lilia Meredith – http://fleamarketstudio.typepad.com/

I’ll stop with those. I have tons of links. I’m just really bad about reading them consistently. 🙂

2. Jennifer Perkins - November 2, 2008

Hey whoo-hoo I made your list, I feel all warm and squishy. Do you follow people on Twitter too. Several of us are on there and it is fun to follow their tweets.

3. Amy Steinberg - November 3, 2008

Ha! Welcome to the voyeaur nation!

4. julee - November 8, 2008

I follow you! but not in that stalkerish way! 🙂

5. José Carrilho - November 22, 2008


I got a good list on my blog.
Check the right column.
I called my list “Specially Picked for You”.

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