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Time keeps ticking….. November 15, 2007

Posted by Andrea in A Work Of Heart News.

Time keeps ticking….so slowly! And yet certain times of the day just ZOOM by!! Why is this?

Well, we just can’t wait until “next door” as we affectionately call our future retail space will be 100% complete. Day after agonizing day we see little bits of progress. We are now at the point of the floor being painted but we can’t walk on it for 2 days! So much for moving things over there.

BUT…when all of this waiting is over and the store is expanded to it’s full space THEN we’ll have oh so much more room to spread out the workspace/art lounge.

As I lay in bed at night I envision all sorts of table layouts that will optimize the square footage and reduce the bottle neck phenomenon that happens when we have certain workshops.

Christina has been exceedingly generous with her ordering all sorts of goodies for us to use in the studio. We now have a StamPress and dozens (really, I mean DOZENS) of rubber texture plates.

It really is hard to actually “work” around here…all I want to do is play all day.

Even now as I type I’m thinking of all the projects I “Should” be doing…..Better get up off my bottom and get to work!



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